Choose a tool

Learn how to create a toolpath for a specific tool in Art2Gcode.
To create a toolpath, select the piece of geometry you wish to apply the toolpath to, then go to the 'CAM' menu and select the toolpath type.

Hot Knife

Use to cut Styrofoam the Hot Knife cuts a path by passing a very hot thin metal rod through the material. Learn how to create a toolpath for the Hot Knife and find out about the special requirements that you need to take into consideration when creating artwork for a Hot Knife toolpath.


The Pen toolpath enabes Tooli to draw with anything from a Sharpie Marker to a pencil or even a crayon or pastel.


The Paintbrush Toolpath allows Tooli to paint with a real brush and real paint onto any surface you choose. Options for how to execute strokes and reload the brush enable many creative options for the user to explore.


The Knife Tool can be used to cut self adhesive vinyl, paper, thin card and other thin films or materials that are able to be cut with a kraft knife under light pressure.


The Scorer Tool can be used to crease paper and card and other thin films or materials that are able to be creased under light pressure.

Rotary Tool

The Rotary Tool is used for light drilling or engraving in soft materials, such as foam or linoleum - as used for block printing.


The dispenser can be used to dispense mediums of a thick enough viscosity, that they offer resistance when passing through the chosen needle aperture.

Pick and Place


The Airbrush can be used to spray liquids such as ink or low viscosity paints.

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The laser tool is used for image imprinting or cutting.